“If you don’t feel something when you listen to Marv, you’re probably dead”.” - Steve Seskin

— Steve Seskin.com

”Hamilton’s folk and acoustic blues songs, whether they be love ballads, political dissections or odes to the mountains where he runs with his dog, have earned him a reputation as one of Utah’s finest songwriters”.” - Dan Nailen

— Salt Lake Tribune

Some songwriters are painters, some are storytellers, Marv Hamilton is both. I've seen Marv perform on many stages over many years, and never seen an audience unmoved after he has sung. Whether dealing with the loss of innocence or the gaining of wisdom, Marv's songs are immediate, direct, and sharply observed. His powerful and powerfully honest songs and performances come from the heart and reflect the deep care he has for both people and the natural world." -- Grant Hogarth Magpie House Concerts, Salt Lake City, UT.” - Grant Hogarth

Magpie House Concerts

“Marv Hamilton is one of Utah’s most talented and respected artists. He is well suited for any stage setting from small listening rooms to large concert or festival arenas. His remarkable stage presence is immediately captivating. Marv still holds the record for the largest attendance at Ricochet House Concerts. He is a true performer and a fantastic songwriter. He will woo your intimate audience and leave them wanting more.” Ruth Naccarato, Ricochet House Concerts” - Ruth Naccarato

Ricochet House Concerts

“His songwriting smells of the earth. He has an abiding respect for animals and wildlife. He writes achingly beautiful love songs. And his sense of humor reveals itself in offbeat ways.” And ”Love of literature, poetry and good writing—a lasting legacy of Hamilton’s English degree—show up in his gift as a lyricist”.” - Paul Swensen

Continuum University of Utah

“Marv Hamilton is clearly an artist who pays close attention to all facets of his art, whether words, music, or performance. There is a polish and attention to detail in this work that is so often lacking in contemporary so-called singer-songwriters. This is work of a quality and class that this reviewer rarely sees. I'd highly recommend to anyone interested in contemporary American songwriting that they give Marv Hamilton a listen.”” - Bob McKenzie

Soundbytes Music Reviews

Susanne Milsaps of Salt Lake’s KRCL 91FM and Magpie House Concerts Series chose “Wing and A Prayer” as best local album of 2000 and says Marv’s “the rootsy, earthy, teller of everyman’s story”.” - Susanne Milsaps