What's Left of Marv

“Marvmusic” is 100% organic, cage-free, folk, roots and blues. Earth music, breakup songs, blues and ballads. Slices of life in the hills and windblown ridges of the Wasatch mountains or Blackhills of Dakota, a plane load of “grunts” on their way to Vietnam, a Cadillac, train, old truck, a motorcycle. Wyoming basin and range, a sailing ship. Portraits of characters: an eco-warrior, dogs, a 60’s stewardess, icons of rock ‘n roll, lovers. Emotional journeys: grief, anger, angst and sorrow, joy and hope.

Marv is a three-time winner in KRCL/Founder’s Title Co. Folk and Bluegrass Performing Songwriter Showcase,  a 2001 Kerrville Newfolk Finalist at Kerrville, Texas and the Intermountain Acoustic Music Association's 2013 IAMMY winner for favorite male singer/songwriter. Marv has played on mainstages and in house concerts,  music and arts festivals, farmer’s markets, theatric productions, peace rallies, showcases, celebrations and on live radio and TV in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Massachusetts and Canada and has shared stages with several of his heroes including John Gorka, Dave Alvin, Cheryl Wheeler, Chuck Pyle and Steve Seskin.

Marv returned from a tour in Vietnam in 1970 in many ways a real-life "Sam Stone". (John Prine, 1971) In his recovery efforts, Marv picked up his first guitar  to play along with John Prine, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Byrds, Doors, Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  Marv released his debut album, “Wing and a Prayer” (acoustic blues, ballads and “Redrock eco-folk”, voted by KRCL's Susanne Milsaps as best local release of the year), in 2000 under his own indie label, “Best Dog Records”, followed by his acclaimed second release, “The Mind Will Follow” (acoustic and electric folk, rock, blues and earthmusic) in 2006. .

Marv supports his guitar habit as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Salt Lake City..