From the recording Stop Makin' Veterans


Stop Making Veterans

Passin’ out food at the shelter the other day, a wise lookin’ friendly guy looked my way
I said “Hey, friend, how ya doin’? What do ya think about all this goin’ on in the world?
What are we gonna’ do?”

He said “I been standin’ in these breadlines now for over thirty years, ever since I got outa’ Uncle Sam’s Army, can’t seem to shake these fears and the headlines never seem to change
But I’m beginnin’ to get a clue

We gotta’ Stop makin’ veterans”
That’s we he said
“Stop makin’ veterans

Talkin’ with my mom, she was born in 1916, right in the middle of WWI
Lost her only brother in France in WWII, watched her only son go off to Vietnam
She said, “My whole life, 87 years, war is all I’ve seen,
An’ I don’t know much, but I know one thing

We gotta’, “Stop makin’ veterans”
That’s what she said
“Stop makin’ veterans”

When we've learned to love each other
Yeah, our sisters and our brothers
When we've put an end to war
We won't need soldiers anymore

Wrote a letter to my senator
I said, “I know you’re a busy man, worryin’ about folks disrespectin’ the flag and all
But I wish you’d act like a patriot and stand up for the principles for which it stands
Like free speech, like by and for the people, like dissent

But if you need to go after some flag-defacers,
I suggest you start with car dealers or giant grocery chains
Who deface the flag daily for their own commercial gains

Let freedom ring
And one more thing

Stop making veterans”
That’s what I said
“Stop making veterans”

Marv Hamilton 2003